10 Interesting Facts of the Temple of Heaven


Welcome to China’s Temple of Heaven!

1. Many books, magazines, and hurry back and forth web sites get to employ the photos of the triple-gabled circular temple within the Temple of Heaven to signify Beijing. It has develop into regarded as one of Beijing’s genuinely prized landmarks.


2. Alongside with the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven is one more supreme example of the imperial architecture in Ming Dynasty. Your complete architectures had been decorated with vivid red to signify the honour of the imperial court in faded China. 


3. Occupying an living of 2,700,000 sq. meters (3,529,412 sq. yards), the Temple of Heaven is 4 instances elevated than the Forbidden City.


4. The main structures within the Temple of Heaven lie along the south-north axis as with any temples in China.


5. Basically the most striking building within the Temple of Heaven is the extensive, circular Hall of Prayer for Factual Harvests. Its location used to be resolute by the emperor’s Fengshui masters because the valid point where heaven and Earth met. 


6. Viewed from above, the total temple halls spherical and the unhealthy sq., shapes moreover respectively symbolizing the heaven and earth. The wood pillars toughen the ceiling with out any nails or cement. 


7. Within the south of the park lies the Imperial Vault of Heaven. It’s a spherical hall tiled in blue and standing on a white platform. Appropriate north of the altar is the Echo Wall. Right here, a convey can hurry back and forth clearly from one discontinue to your friend’s ear at the different.


However, the Echo Wall is never any longer going to work if there’s a bellowing tour community within the heart. Be sure to acquire right here early in characterize so that you just can experience it properly. 


8. The Spherical Altar to the south used to be for large employ in faded China. It moreover served because the sacred characteristic to abet the annual wintry weather solstice ceremony. The mound contains 3 tiers that signify Earth, the mortal world and heaven.


The upper tier within the Spherical Altar is decorated with 9 stone rings. the amount 9 has particular significance in Chinese language cosmology, for there are 9 layers to heaven.


9. The temple park is continuously accessed by its west gate. However, there are 4 gates at every aspect of the characteristic. The faded ceremonial route approached the altar by the south gate.


10. The Temple of Heaven damaged-down to served because the sacred characteristic where emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) held the Heaven Indulge in Ceremony. First in-built 1420, it is China’s largest and most representative gift masterpiece among China’s faded sacrificial buildings.


Alongside with the Gigantic Wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace, The Temple of Heaven is the must peek in Beijing. It goes to provide you with an infinite likelihood to learn concerning the Chinese language faded philosophy, history and faith.

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