Top Cultural Festivals to Attend in Kenya


Make you salvage pleasure from experiencing various cultures? Festivals are a mountainous space to delivery and this article will sample four gala’s that could just tranquil be to your bucket record.

Top four cultural Festivals to help in Kenya after the Coronavirus pandemic

Kenya is effectively known for its breathtaking sandy beaches and wildlife.

Minute is legendary about its cultural vary.

The Maasai of us are worldwide known, then all any other time, we beget 41 a option of tribes in Kenya. These tribes beget cultural gala’s that they celebrate every 365 days. Attending gala’s is a mountainous

come to connect with the local communities, make a contribution to the preservation of culture and salvage to ride a a option of come of lifestyles.

On the opposite hand, this day I will highlight the head four cultural gala’s that you’ll need to help to your lifetime.

Rusinga Island Pageant

Rusinga Island is one in all the gemstones of the Fleshy Lake Victoria. It lies on the Eastern aspect of the lake and it has essentially the most beautiful views of the sunsets.

Rusinga Island Pageant is amongst the necessary events in the Western field of Kenya. It is normally held every 365 days on the last Thursday and Friday earlier than Christmas.

Will beget to you desire to hope to ride the official culture and traditions of the Suba community, that is a actually finest space to delivery.

Here you salvage to ride two days of:

● extinct song and dance

The extinct dancers normally expose their ardour and abilities by dancing their waists and hearts out. That you simply would possibly perhaps salvage to feel the thundering beatings of the drums, echoed by voices that seem to assuage the gods.

● Art and Kind

Consuming art work and vogue items are viewed on their extinct attire, the jewellery that adores their our bodies, the pottery and no longer forgetting the carvings. That you simply would possibly perhaps no longer miss a just true looking and treasured keepsake for mates and families lend a hand dwelling.

● meals delicacies

The staple meals of the suba community is “kuon anang’ a”(extinct ugali prepared the usage of ghee) with fish I.e Nile perch or Tilapia(omena & Mbuta). Here’s a delicacy.

A search the advice of with to the lakeside is now not any longer whole with out devouring the fresh savoury fish.

● sports activities

There are a option of sports activities activities to make a choice out part in for the period of this festival. We now beget got a mark of wars, whereby a option of groups take a look at their strength and resilience. 

The Luo and Suba community had a broad cultural sport of wrestling. It allowed the young, we will manufacture and able fishermen to carry out bragging rights locally.

The match is now not any longer violent. It is purely meant for entertainment applications and a mountainous likelihood for the young males to procedure suitors.

● Boat races and Fishing

The of us in the Island are tidy succesful. On occasion you would possibly perhaps well pick up them fishing, drying their fish(dagaa, omena) and going about their industry.

Fishing is the necessary source of livelihood for the community. The festival furthermore organises boat races amongst the local of us. They salvage to compete on which group will retract the bustle

Most lodges and lodges alongside the Island put together for boat rides and fishing on search files from.

I discovered this engaging sufficient to try, I hope you would possibly perhaps well too 


That you simply would possibly perhaps salvage to hear engaging experiences, folklores and conversations that select you lend a hand in time into the wealth of the Abasuba culture.

The festival is bustle by a option of issues every 365 days. In 2019 the theme used to be “The Island Remembers”. This made us be conscious, reminiscent and fix with the Island through culture, art work and

celebrating heritage. The festival unites of us from a option of worlds to take care of and salvage pleasure from the heritage of the Suba of us.

Maralal World Camel Derby

Kenya’s Northern Frontier is a wild and untamed field.

The locals beget retained their traditions.

Most of them are pastoralists, with Camels being a extraordinarily crucial component of their wealth. Maralal Camel Derby is one in all essentially the most necessary events in Kenya. It takes space in the Yare Camel Membership In Maralal Metropolis, Samburu County.

The derby involves biking, Camel racing and cultural performance from the Samburu of us. Each the communities and visitors be part of in the festivities and races.

● Sports

The Camel Derby is graced by both amateurs and expert Camel racers. Most amateurs are normally first-time foreigners who beget by no arrangement taken section in the Camel races.

It’s essential completely beget a fun chortle on the amateurs who can no longer lend a hand a watch on the camels. Most conditions the camels switch in whichever course far from the bustle. A comic scenario it is miles. Searching on the races struggling to lead the camels to the helpful path.

On the opposite hand, this provides room for the expert racers to salvage to the stop line first.

There are furthermore bicycle races. For these that desire this, they salvage an replace of fascinating themselves. Some cyclists, who are greenhorn, plot no longer salvage to whole the bustle. It is a annoying process.

The two races normally delivery in Maralal city, and to boot they select space co-at the moment.

● Music and Dance

The temper in Maralal city for the period of the early is normally electric and fun. The song and dances from the Samburu of us lighten the ambiance.

● Art and Kind

Will beget to you would possibly perhaps well very effectively be a lover of art work, vogue and handicrafts, there are curio stalls the set these artefacts are displayed. That you simply would possibly perhaps just beget rather plenty of choices to retract a keepsake from.

Maralal Camel Derby is now not any longer just true a aggressive bustle but brings this wasteland city to lifestyles and showcases its cultural heritage.

Kilifi Fresh Year Pageant

Kilifi Fresh 365 days festival is held every 365 days from 30th December to 2nd January.

This festival is terribly finest for all these that are lovers of up-to-the-minute, African and electronic song. It is a melting pot of various cultures and lets in for freedom of expression.

The song festival is held below the coloration of thousand-365 days-used baobab timber. It is set on a 20-acre discipline, dwelling to wild orange and lemon orchids and bamboo wooded field in

Takaungu creak of the Indian Ocean.

The neutral of this festival is supporting conscious residing and sustainability whereas appreciating a option of cultures. Blending creativity with nature to level a reference to every a option of, the atmosphere and the community.

All and sundry appears to be like to be free-fascinating expressing themselves through vogue, dance, art work and song. The die to 2nd happens when a broad wooden sculpture is set ablaze symbolising new beginnings and shared hope for a promising future.

All the way through the 2019 festival, a broad sculpture used to be burnt in honour of the last male Northern White Rhino – Sudan. A symbol that species extinction is a actuality and it is miles up to the human bustle to fee and give protection to its wildlife.

● Camping

Camping mates, that is a mountainous festival for you.

That you simply would possibly perhaps very effectively be allowed to raise your individual camping equipment. The 20-acre part of land has sufficient areas for pitching tents.

There would possibly be furthermore adequate dwelling for parking vehicles, sufficient showers, toilets and coloration to take a seat down lend a hand and unwind.

There would possibly be sizable safety for all these in attendance.

Moreover, boutique camping is furthermore obtainable for the period of the four days of preserve. It’s essential just true wish to put together for the bookings earlier sufficient.

● Seaside Actions

There would possibly be an efficient looking coastline about a meters away. That you simply would possibly perhaps lag for an early morning bound, a swim, yoga or select part in sea roam ball games.

The refreshing bound, combined with spectacular sunsets and free spirit around, makes this festival a bucket record.

Moreover, you would possibly perhaps well furthermore thought to lag for a boat shuffle on Watamu sea roam after the festival. Here you would possibly perhaps well enact for snorkelling, explore the bottom world of the ocean.

It’s essential stare racy fish species, turtles and seagrass. With the lend a hand of expert tour guides, you would possibly perhaps well inch deeper to salvage a search for of the whales.

Here’s a comely come to remain your new 365 days celebration in Kilifi.

Lamu cultural festival

Lamu cultural festival is held in Lamu Island, an world heritage bid.

This used city has retained it be Swahili culture over the years no longer giving in to pressures of the up-to-the-minute culture. The city is characterised by narrow streets, whereas its necessary transport arrangement are donkeys.

The three-day festival is supposed to offer visitors a taste of the Swahili culture and daily life.

All the way through the Lamu Cultural Pageant, you salvage to ride dhow bustle, donkey races, aggressive bao games, Swahili Henna art work and extinct artefacts.

The bao games beget existed for years in the East African field. Archaeological proof exhibits that it has been performed for hundreds of years.

The dhow crusing races are executed by the locals. The racers are normally effectively prepared prepared to showcase their abilities in manoeuvring through the tides.

On the a option of hand, a option of of us put together to make a choice out section in a swimming competition. They are going to hope to face the rough waters steerage in direction of the a option of Island known as Shela after which swim lend a hand. With the sizzling sun, Swimming bustle is terribly finest and a mountainous reduction.

The highlight of the festival is the donkey races. Residents, to boot to the visitors, can select part. This sport is fun to discover. Steering a donkey desires natural skills, discover and skills. For

amateurs, some now stay wide awake going in direction of the reverse course from the set the bustle is. Donkeys are the necessary arrangement of transport owing to town’s narrow and meandering streets. Donkeys had been outmoded for ages by the residents.

For these that thrill in a taking a undercover agent spree, there are many of products to retract from. Toys, jewellery, garments, toys and artefacts. It’s essential pick up distinctive Swahili items so as to add on to your adventure sequence.

● Avenue Meals

What a better come of sparkling a cities delicacies than sampling the avenue meals. Lamu has a racy, welcoming relaxed used city vibes. Adore most Coastal cities, the avenue meals culture is keen.

It’s essential pick up an array of avenue meals lined up on the streets early in the morning and in the evenings at around 4: 00 pm.

There’s a vary of finger-licking snacks and drinks to retract from. Most of them are Swahili dishes prepared from coconut milk, flour and with many of sugar and spice. They consist of bhajia, vitumbua, jalebi, mitai, kaimati, mkate used to be Sinia, Mahari and mbaazi ya nazi. I know these are international names but whenever you salvage there you would possibly perhaps well surprise the locals a piece of. 

Will beget to you would possibly perhaps well very effectively be a foodie this would possibly occasionally be paradise.

It is just true for one to relax as soon as in a whereas and salvage pleasure from the abundance of lifestyles


Life is stuffed with abundance. Will beget to you plot no longer shuttle and ride what a option of places wish to give then you definately could very effectively be lacking so much.

“The World is a e-book and these that enact no longer shuttle learn finest a page.” -Saint Augustine.

I hope these four unattainable gala’s in Kenya beget impressed you to shuttle, explore alien culture, work alongside with a option of of us and dwell a free lifestyles.

For at any time when we shuttle we undercover agent the arena with a series of newest eyes, become more conscious about our relationship with nature and fellow human beings.

Chase tip written and shared by Delinah Mijide

Delinah is a champion for sustainable tourism and conservation practices. She has the fervour to highlight companies and styles that make stronger community empowerment, environmental and

culture preservation. Let’s shuttle,be responsible and rejoice.

Wishes to know more about sustainable tourism search the advice of with The Eco-traveller.

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