Top Five Shark Cage Diving Hotspots in the World


Shark cage diving is the exhilarating abilities of diving with the ocean’s apex predators with the safety of a metal cage.

There are entirely a handful of locations where it is doubtless you’ll maybe reliably glance essentially the most immoral predator of them all, the sizable white shark.

Listed below are the pause five locations to dive with sizable whites on this planet.

Top five sizable white shark diving hotspots

Gansbaai, South Africa

Dubbed the ‘sizable white capital of the arena’, Gansbaai’s gargantuan population of sharks congregate between Dyer Island and Geyser rock, creating an very ideal peril for these willing to brave the cool waters and come face-to-face with a dedication of shark species.

To boot to sizable whites, Mako, tiger, shadowy-tip and blue sharks can all be cover in Gansbaai. The local cape fur seal colony gives the sharks with a ideal instruct to hunt for meals, making it arguably the entirely role for shark cage diving on this planet.

Isla de Guadelupe, Mexico

Situated roughly 240km off the west cruise of Mexico, Isla de Guadelupe is a fresh eco-tourism destination attributable to its diverse marine existence and visibility unrivalled by another role on the checklist.

Guadelupe Island is the first dive instruct to glance sizable whites off the Mexican cruise, whereas the Rivelligegedo Archipelago additional up the cruise is a hotspot for dolphins, manta rays, humpback whales and a dedication of shark species.

Fraudulent Bay, South Africa

Fraudulent Bay is undoubtedly the entirely instruct to glance sizable whites ‘breaching’, the uncommon wanting methodology where they utilize the component of surprise to bewitch seals with such force from below that they cruise out of the water.

Shark cage diving is fresh in the bay, and heaps operators provide the opportunity to scuba dive at some stage in the cage, allowing divers to gaze sharks at elevated depths for a elevated measurement of time.

Neptune Islands, Australia

Neptune Islands Conservation Park is a earn haven for sizable whites, who always face challenges worldwide for survival as a result of human components equivalent to shark nets, overfishing and habitat destruction. Here’s the entirely instruct in Australia where shark cage diving is allowed.

Ruin up up into two objects of islands, the Neptunes are characterized by rocky terrain and are residence to the largest colony of fur seals in the nation. To boot to the impressive ocean existence, the islands are also popular for their terrestrial natural world and encompass a resounding array of mammals, reptiles and birds.

Farallon islands, United States

True 30kms from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the Farallon Islands are a neighborhood of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Identified because the ‘Islands of the Ineffective’ by Native Individuals, they’ve remained largely uninhabited for most of their ancient previous, but marine and climate researchers preserve have now not too prolonged ago established a cramped presence.

The islands are closed to the general public but the surrounding waters are an very objective right instruct to see sizable whites as a result of the gargantuan elephant seal colony scattered round its shores, which present an very objective right meals source.

Listed below are a pair of of the objects that it is doubtless you’ll maybe store:

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