Vorarlberg: Inspiring, Vibrant and Open to the World


Tantalizing, brilliant and originate to the field: that is the feel of existence in Vorarlberg. 

Supremely situated in Austria’s very west, between Lake Constance and the excessive alps at as much as 3,000 metres, Vorarlberg shares borders with Germany, Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein.

If that you may perchance perchance need ever taken a flow on a ski pick or cable automobile, any place on this planet, that you may perchance perchance likely dangle bump into a product made in Vorarlberg. On the foundation, Vorarlberg is a pioneer of alpine skiing, and secondly, Doppelmayr, the field market chief in ropeway building, is headquartered here. Even though miniature in size, Vorarlberg is an financial powerhouse and residential to companies equivalent to Wolford (bodywear), Rauch and Pfanner fruit-juice producers, Blum GmbH (fittings), Alpla (plastic packagings) and Zumtobel (light originate). Vorarlberg is effectively-known also for modern architecture and crafts, customary fairs, qualified skiing hotels and wonderful hospitality.

“Ever so dazzling“. That’s how Vorarlberg has been described by its 383,000 inhabitants and company alike. The quality of living and the leisure amenities are out of the ordinary:

Vorarlberg boasts safe scenic variety within a somewhat miniature keep. From the beautifully landscaped shores of Lake Constance it’s correct an hour’s force to the towering mountain peaks. Along the manner, verdant meadows, forests and graceful mountain vistas do away with the watch.

Many sites across the worldwide Lake Constance in Germany and in Switzerland are merely ready to be realized. From the Vorarlberg capital of Bregenz, vessels and cruise boats head for the most principal locations.

Six varied vacation areas invite company for an provocative shield:

▪ The Bodensee-Vorarlberg notify, with Bregenz, Dornbirn, Hohenems and Feldkirch as valuable cities.

▪ The Bregenzerwald with its 22 image-rather villages and the Bregenzerwald Cheese Route, identified for its attention-grabbing architecture and modern crafts.

▪ Alpenregion Vorarlberg that comprises the Brandnertal and Klostertal valleys, the Grosses Walsertal biosphere park and Alpenstadt Bludenz, which is extremely original among households.

▪ The Kleinwalsertal, a excessive-alpine valley that is lined by mountains, an very kindly keep to reenergize in the safe originate air.

▪ The Montafon with Schruns as the predominant village, a rallying level for hikers and mountain bikers in summer, the keep skiers and freeriders flock to the slopes and runs in iciness.

▪ Lech-Zürs am Arlberg, the cradle of alpine skiing and undoubtedly one of the crucial legendary ski hotels of the field. In summer, you’d hike across glowing pastures and meadows and trip convey peace and tranquillity.

Culture Hotspot

Vorarlberg affords rich pickings for enthusiasts of paintings and tradition. The cultural venues are all over Vorarlberg, from the floating stage on Lake Constance to reside performance halls in villages and exhibition halls in alpine settings. Vorarlberg boasts some 60 museums showcasing varied topics from original paintings to the secrets and ways of nature. Some dangle attracted European-large attention.

Bregenz Competition

Every summer in July/August – besides 2020 owing to the coronavirus concern – the Bregenz Competition stages originate-air opera productions on the floating lakeside stage of Lake Constance. Opera performances on the Festspielhaus, concerts by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, and varied events complement the excessive-carat programme.

Schubertiade Schwarzenberg and Hohenems

Schubertiade, the field’s greatest Schubert pageant, takes please every summer in August/September – besides 2020 – in the storybook village of Schwarzenberg in Bregenzerwald. Star-studded artists will produce chamber music, lieder, piano recitals and shield grasp classes in the Angelika-Kauffmann hall, which affords bright panoramic views of surrounding nature. At given dates from April to October, the village of Hohenems hosts the Schubertiade concerts.

Bregenz Spring Competition in Autumn

Bregenz Spring Competition items smartly-liked dance on the Bregenz Competition Apartment. Fundamentally this match takes keep in Spring, this year it would perchance be from October to December.

Montfort Zwischentöne in Feldkirch

On three instances for the length of the year, the Montfort Zwischentöne aspects concerts, talks and performances on the original Montforthaus in Bregenz.

Poolbar Competition in Feldkirch

For over 25 years now, the poolbar pageant has been celebrating pop music, sort, architecture and originate. The most principal keep of the pageant, which will hotfoot from July 23 to August 30 in Feldkirch, is the aged indoor pool. An architecture contest is staged per annum redesign the rooms and the immediate surroundings on a non permanent foundation.

FAQ Bregenzerwald

FAQ Bregenzerwald, the most recent sequence of events in Bregenzerwald, would perchance be hosted for the fifth time from 1 to 6 September 2020. Designed as a mind and foodie pageant, the dialogue board will feature talks, discussions, concerts and walks. FAQ Bregenzerwald sheds light on socially related complications from varied views. All venues in the villages and on the mountains, between Andelsbuch and Bezau, were carefully chosen. Taking section in it’s to inspire local residents and company to replicate on and dangle a hiss in issues, however at the birth, to rejoice. FAQ Bregenzerwald wants to unearth “potentials for having a honest time”. FAQ Bregenzerwald is provided all year spherical as an on-line platform, for questions and answers, inspiration and meals for thought.

Kunsthaus Bregenz

Designed by the illustrious Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) is undoubtedly one of Europe’s main museums of original paintings. The programme aspects varying exhibitions, and the museum in most cases contains solo exhibitions devoted to 1 single artist who designs works specifically for KUB.

Vorarlberg museum in Bregenz

Integrating listed parts, the vorarlberg museum building used to be designed by the multi-award a hit Vorarlberg architects Cukrowicz Nachbaur. Moreover the watch-catching facade that comprises 16,656 concrete vegetation – if truth be told nothing bigger than the imprints of industrial PET bottles – company will stand transfixed in the jaw-shedding 4th floor “viewing room” designed by Austrian artist Florian Pumh.sl. From the room which is panelled in dark colours, they’ll marvel on the ever altering surroundings of Lake Constance beneath them through floor-to-ceiling panoramic home windows. In smartly-liked-originate exhibitions, the museum depicts the historical past and most recent of Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance notify.

Jewish Quarter and Museum in Hohenems

Jewish Quarter and Jewish Museum Hohenems For hundreds of years, Hohenems feeble to be home to a miniature Jewish neighborhood. The Jewish quarter has undergone a cautious facelift in most recent years. Guided visits are organised on the first Sunday of the month. The stations visited embody the aged synagogue, this present day the reside performance hall named after Salomon Sulzer, the mikwe (ritual bath) and the cemetery. In its permanent exhibition, the Jewish Museum Hohenems is pays tribute to the city’s Jewish neighborhood and the many techniques it contributed to the sort of Vorarlberg and the Alpine notify. Particular exhibitions showcase original Jewish existence in Europe, coexistence and migration.

Werkraum Constructing in Andelsbuch

Designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the Werkraum Constructing in Andelsbuch in Bregenzerwald hosts altering exhibitions on varied aspects of expertise. All the arrangement in which during the altering exhibition, a substantial entre the keep snacks are provided and which aspects cosy furnishings and objects created by the Werkraum accomplice agencies invites company to amass a seat, possess in conversation, utilize the furnishings, and linger.

Girls americans’s Museum im Hittisau

The Girls americans’s Museum in Hittisau is Austria’s most productive girls’s museum and makes the creative work and existence of girls visible in altering exhibitions. The museum is accommodated in a original trees building in the village centre.

Angelika Kauffmann Museum Schwarzenberg

Winner of the Austrian Museum Glorious Seal, the Angelika Kauffmann Museum in Schwarzenberg is accommodated in a ancient, 16th century building with original showrooms. It derives its name from the effectively-known classicist paintress Angelika Kauffman, who had shut family ties in Schwarzenberg.

James Turell Skyspace in Lech

As of leisurely 2018, a work of paintings has change into accessible in Oberlech. Designed by US artist James Turell, who is effectively identified for his light-notify installations, the Skyspace is a crawl-through allotment of conceptual paintings. Accessible through a 15m tunnel, an exhibition room with particular light aspects has been built into a hillside. Up above, a immense movable skylight affords a look of the exterior world, opening up unique techniques, with every focus on over with, to survey the sky and the manner the light penetrates into the room. When it’s dark exterior, a delicate set up makes the room seem completely varied.

The Honorable Outdoors!

Recharge your batteries walking, biking, swimming or skiing.

Let the magic of nature work its wonders. There are several trails main to sites of distinctive beauty, total with recordsdata about the notify and the americans that reside here.

Mountain if truth be told feel

Up on the mountains, views are never the identical. Uniformly posted trails and guided excursions possess you to gently rolling hillsides or towering mountain peaks, along brooks and rivers, to mountain lakes and alpine farmsteads, the keep cows and dairymen utilize the summer. These preferring issues extra easy-going, or desperate to shorten their manner up, can repeatedly make a choice for a flow up the mountain by cable automobile.

The mountain surroundings can ideally be explored on a mountain bike or e-bike. All areas provide guided excursions and an intensive network of trails.

Biking pleasures

In an all-Austrian comparability, the residents of Vorarlberg quilt extra kilometres by bicycle than any of their compatriots. This is also attributable to the effectively-developed network of biking trails. On easy trails, you’d bike on the shores of Lake Constance or along the plains of the Rhine river. Bregenzerwald, Alpenregion Vorarlberg and Montafon also dangle gradual biking trails with out steep ascents.

Win refreshed

Vorarlberg no longer most productive aspects natural lakes and natural bathing facilities with most water quality, it also boasts dazzling bathing lakes. Because it’s freed from chemical substances, the natural water is kindly for a refreshing dip. Lake Constance is the very kindly plan for surfers and stand-up flow boarders.

The fun of adventure

Paragliding, climbing or gorge discovery? If you are in for adventure, Vorarlberg’s originate air operators are a kindly more than a couple of. As effectively as, the climbing and woodland rope parks with zip lines in numerous areas provide thrilling terrain for a model of adventure.

On slopes and runs

In iciness, of us flock to the slopes for skiing and snow- boarding in many varied ski areas. Free riding and ski touring is an wonderful manner to uncover deep-powder terrain, ideally in the company of a legit manual. The ski colleges provide applications for newbies and developed skiers.

Laid-assist iciness pleasures

The magic of iciness will also be explored on a iciness hike, snow shoe ramble, on a toboggan or skiing unsuitable nation. All of Vorarlberg’s areas provide guided actions.

  • Hiking in Vorarlberg

  • Daybreak or Sunset Walks

  • Themed hikes person tradition hikes

  • Bike, e-bike or mountain bike: Keep a matter to the notify popular on two wheels

  • Launch air: From canyoning and canoeing to tandem flying

  • Lakeside holidays in Vorarlberg

  • Snowboarding in Vorarlberg

  • Exploring Wintry climate Wonderland

Must-Sees and Must Dos

There are moderately a pair of issues ready to be explored in Vorarlberg and across the worldwide Lake Constance.

There may perchance be so principal to appear for if you bought a stroll through miniature, ancient cities, picturesque villages, scenic mountains and masses a gem.

Shiny cities

Vorarlberg’s cosy miniature cities invite company to uncover the cafes and retail outlets, focus on over with museums and soak up the active surroundings. Bregenz, the capital city of Vorarlberg, enjoys a privileged notify between Lake Constance and the local Pfänder mountain, effectively-known for its graceful views you’d trip taking up the cable automobile. The 2d greatest city, Dornbirn, is a long-established shopping vacation plan. Twice per week, the bustling and brilliant fruit and flower market is held on market square.

Town of Hohenems is indispensable for its majestic past and a Jewish neighborhood. In Feldkirch, you’d stroll through narrow lanes with arcaded courtyards, passing medieval city towers. Above the city, there may perchance be the towering Schattenburg fortress with a museum and a examine-out in the withhold. Bludenz captures company with its medieval aptitude. In summer, it doubles as venue for the chocolate pageant.

Memoir-e book villages

Vorarlberg’s villages dangle retained their customary character. Within the centre, that you may perchance perchance earn the church as a landmark, framed by residential constructions, accommodations, retail outlets, hotels, workshops and farms. The mix of broken-down and smartly-liked architecture catches the watch. Within the community sourced trees is feeble in aged and unique constructions.

Hiking trails and ski runs are actually at your doorsteps or within easy attain on climbing and ski buses.

Fright-provocative nature

The natural surroundings between Lake Constance and the excessive alps is surprisingly various. The character reserve in the Rhine estuary on Lake Constance is characterised by sandy shores and reed, and residential to many rooster species. Ravines equivalent to Rappenloch gorge advance Dornbirn and Breitachklamm gorge in Kleinwalsertal invent you know the vitality of water arms-on. Cable-cars spin company to lofty summits from the keep they’ll possess in bright views.

Nostalgia trains and boat journeys

On two ancient trains, you’d commute like in the olden days: The Rheindamm nostalgia put collectively runs to the keep the Rhine flows into Lake Constance. And the Bregenzerwald railway operates between Bezau and Andelsbuch-Bersbuch, every at times with steam engines.

From the smartly-liked harbour in Bregenz, the Lake Constance vessels keep of residing off for various excursions. The most original locations on the German shores of Lake Constance are Friedrichshafen, with the Zeppelin museum, and the flower island of Mainau advance Constance on the lower slay of the lake.


Within the footsteps of establishing tradition

Vorarlberg is a qualified hotspot of smartly-liked architecture in Austria.

Remove a examine spherical! Vorarlberg is believed of a pioneering notify of smartly-liked architecture and cutting-edge craftsmanship in Europe. Structure enthusiasts will earn rich pickings!

Trad & Mod

If you’d possess to uncover what crucial purpose original (trees) architecture and modern craftsmanship can play in the Alpine notify, hotfoot to Vorarlberg. Nowhere else in Austria will you bump into this sort of wealth of original originate. On the identical time, the unique constructions slot in seamlessly with the broken-down properties.

Trees & Crafts

Trees has repeatedly been feeble as building enviornment topic, each and every previously and in most recent. The unique constructions, watch-catchers amid the natural surroundings, stand out for uncluttered lines and blend harmoniously with the environment. Within, they provoke by their orderly functionality. Energy-surroundings kindly building is a topic obviously, as is becoming rooms with ecologically sound furnishings and materials.

And here’s the keep the craftspeople design in again. They originate tables and chairs, beds and sofas, shelves and cabinets, constant with age-aged ways, with modern spirit, to blend in seamlessly with original architecture. The result is spaces which may perchance maybe perchance be graceful to have a look at at and enjoyable to reside in.

Exploring building tradition

  • Significantly in the cities, that you may perchance perchance bump into watch-catching smartly-liked constructions. It is miles undoubtedly payment whereas strolling during the streets and lanes with an originate watch.

  • Distinctive architecture is a feature provided also by hotels, vacation properties and apartments. Most were either newly built lately or stand out for a harmonious blend of aged and unique. The earn keep www.vorarlberg.commute/holidays-and-architecture/ informs about 30 hosts who provide a arms-on trip of original architecture and modern craftsmanship.

  • Ten carefully selected themed architectural excursions by the name of Architectours invite you to for my portion uncover building tradition all across Vorarlberg. Looking on the itinerary or the selected theme, the excursions last half a day or a paunchy day.

  • “Umgang Bregenzerwald“ are themed village walks which possess company to architectural highlights in Bregenzerwald. A folder accompanying the excursions is at once available on the local tourist locations of work.

  • Areas to amass a breather in Vorarlberg: In Vorarlberg, imaginative originate ideas demonstrate up in the slightest degree anticipated locations. Every building is in dialogue with the surrounding nature and every one unearths facets of Vorarlberg’s original building tradition.

  • Long-established: Architects from in each place in the field were commissioned by the village of Krumbach to originate seven bus stops below the motto Bus: Pause Krumbach. 

  • The Werkraum Constructing in Andelsbuch in Bregenzerwald showcases modern craftsmanship, cyber net net hosting altering exhibitions and works by the Bregenzerwald Werkraum craftspeople.

  • Some hotels and apartments were redesigned in most recent years, combining broken-down and smartly-liked aspects. Each time rooms or vacation apartments are upgraded or renovated, here’s largely performed in cooperation with craftspeople from the notify.

Treats and Delights

Regional delicacies: from cheese to handsome brandies

Whether you make a choice for a rustic inn or an award-a hit restaurant: Vorarlberg has enjoyable surprises in retailer for foodies, offering impeccable quality and wonderful payment-for-money.

The recipe for fulfillment subscribed to by Vorarlberg’s chefs is a longstanding shut collaboration with local producers. As principal as doable, they depend on seasonal and regional delicacies to assist up hearty broken-down fare or light dishes with a creative twist.


Vorarlberg’s most original speciality is cheese, notably the provocative Alp and Bergkäse, a tough mountain cheese. It is miles manufactured on many miniature dairy-making farms, partly on excessive-alpine homesteads for the length of the summer. Other delicacies embody Emmental, and soft cream cheese made of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. Creamy camemberts spherical off the product line. Sura Kees, a mildly fragrant low-burly cheese, is long-established of the Montafon notify.

For a chain of long-established recipes – from Kässpätzle to Riebel – possess a examine at  www.vorarlberg.commute/en/recipes-from-vorarlberg/

Meals and Drink in Vorarlberg: Chosen Pointers

  • Opt at once from farmers:

    Are you after meals and treats that model correct safe and are made with esteem and attention by family farmers? Then you’ve formulation to the factual keep. We’ve build collectively a listing of if truth be told helpful retail outlets the keep you’d win safe at once from the farm. 

  • Contemporary regional safe – weekly markets in Vorarlberg:

    The markets of Vorarlberg provide a feast for the total senses nearly on every day foundation of the week. 

  • Culinary pointers for summer:

    Celebrating meals is section and parcel of the Vorarlberg manner of existence. At eating locations or accommodations, mountain accommodations, Lake Constance cruises or originate air eating: the substances are sourced regionally wherever doable and feeble in the preparation of tasteful specialities. 

  • Meal with a look – Options for enjoyment with panoramic views:

    Love Vorarlberg’s mountain world from manner up excessive, trip moments of maritime bliss lakeside, or trip hours of relaxation in a fairytale surroundings. At these Vorarlberg institutions, the potentialities for palatable meals and honest views are assured. 

Correct to Know

Arrival by automobile, rail, coach and airplane

Vorarlberg is within easy attain on all routes. The local public transport network is extremely developed. Adore in a vital city, all rail and bus companies and products besides to tariffs are dovetailed for the length of the Vorarlberg transport network. In some areas, climbing buses operate besides to scheduled companies and products. Company in the Kleinwalsertal may perchance maybe also merely utilize the Walserbus freed from payment. The closest airports are Zurich (CH) and Munich (D). https://www.vorarlberg.commute/en/how-to-attain-vorarlberg/

Regional Inclusive Cards

All of Vorarlberg’s six vacation locations provide their maintain Inclusive Card. Looking on the notify, the playing cards are legit on public transport, cable-cars and lifts, museums, leisure facilities and enrolment in varied programmes.

In Kleinwalsertal, Brandnertal, Klostertal and in Alpenstadt Bludenz, the cardboard is included in the cost of accommodation for company staying one evening or longer at accomplice agencies, in Bregenzerwald (including Fontanella, Faschina and Sonntag in the Grosses Walsertal biosphere reserve), it’s included for company staying 3 nights or longer. As of summer 2019, the visitor playing cards in Brandnertal, Klostertal and in Alpenstadt Bludenz are readily accessible during the “Clara” app on your orderly telephone.

Within the Lake Constance-Vorarlberg notify (Bodensee-Vorarlberg leisure card), in Montafon (Montafon Brandnertal Card) and in Lech (My Lech Card), the playing cards are on sale at a good deal all-in payment.

Extraordinary and Charming Info

From alpine skiing to cutting-edge innovation

Vorarlberg grabs of us’s attention in many varied techniques. Minute in size, the notify surprises with many curiosities and merchandise which may perchance maybe perchance be identified in each place in the field.

Produce you know that …

  • The first ever ski route for company in the historical past of skiing used to be held in 1906 in Zürs am Arlberg?

  • In 1881, Emperor Francis Joseph inaugurated the first telephone in the Austro-Hungarian empire? This telephone has been preserved for company to marvel at at Gasthaus Gütle.

  • The solar safety factor used to be developed in Vorarlberg? We owe this invention to Franz and Marga Greiter, founders of the “Piz Buin“ solar lotion manufacturing company, which derives its name from Vorarlberg’s perfect high, the 3,312 m excessive Piz Buin.

  • The most practical Baroque churches and monasteries in the Lake Constance keep were built by builders and craftspeople from local Bregenzerwald? A builders‘ guild shaped in the 17th century in Au in Bregenzerwald whose artistry and talents were in large demand of.

  • The European watershed between the Rhine and the Danube runs through Vorarlberg?

  • The export half of Vorarlberg’s companies stands at 60% and is thus the kindly of all Austrian states?

  • Ropeways in each place in the field are designed and partly manufactured in Vorarlberg? Doppelmayr, the field market chief in ropeway expertise, is headquartered in Vorarlberg.

  • Heated chair-pick seats are an innovation from Vorarlberg? They were developed by the Doppelmayr company.

  • The overwhelming half of all Crimson Bull cans provided worldwide are stuffed in Vorarlberg? Right here is a job performed by Rauch, an organization manufacturing fruit juices, which would perchance be based mostly in Vorarlberg.

  • Plastic packaging from Vorarlberg is feeble in each place in the field for drinks, foods, beauty and sanitary merchandise and heaps extra? They’re produced by Alpla, the expertise chief in the case of packaging alternatives.

  • Furniture and kitchen designers all across the field depend on fittings from Vorarlberg? An organization with world-large operations, Blum has its seat in Vorarlberg.

  • Wolford, manufacturer of top payment tights, bodywear and girls’s sort is predicated in Bregenz? They also hotfoot a producing facility outlet there.

The first originate hotel to originate in Austria is found in Dornbirn? Designed by architects Baumschlager Eberle, Resort Martinspark opened in 1996.

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